The movie, set in Palm Springs at a lively retirement community called Villa Capri, hits theaters on Friday and stars Morgan Freeman and Tommy Lee Jones as competitive alpha males vying for the affection of the same woman played by Rene Russo.

While the movie is set in Palm Springs during the Christmas holiday, it was actually filmed in New Mexico in Aug. 2016.

Another film crew though, did visit the desert in Nov. 2016 and filmed exterior shots of the Palm Springs-area desert which were then added to the movie to make it appear as though it did take place in the California desert.

With Freeman, 80, and Jones, 71, well into their golden years and a supporting cast in their 60s, the movie should appeal to the burgeoning Baby Boomer generation.

The movie poster for “Just Getting Started.”

Freeman plays Duke Diver, the charming and playful community resident manager who also happens to be an ex-mob lawyer in the witness protection program while Jones is Leo, a tough, hard-nosed cowboy retired from the FBI. Tommy Lee Jones stars as Leo, Rene Russo as Suzie and Morgan Freeman as Duke in “Just Getting Started,” a Broad Green Pictures release.

“Once Morgan said he really like the script and wanted to do it, I was like who would be a perfect match and I had worked with Tommy and I had a great relationship with Tommy. We sent Tommy the script and he liked it too. He and Morgan wanted to work together, they had not. And they were fabulous together. I think they’re just great together. They are so different and so affectionate. T’s obviously affection even if they’re rivals so that’s the magic I wanted,” he said.

Just Getting Started