The possible return of Jussie Smollett to the “Empire” continues to share the cast and team. The real question is: What are you doing now? Smollett was written from the last episodes of Empire, but the declining ratings of the series since its departure could force them to ask for his return. TMZ reports that production is divided as to whether or not to return to the show, even if all charges have been dropped. The mayor and Chicago police continue to believe Smollett is guilty of saying he designed the “self-promotion” plan. “Smollett, however, said today that he never changed his story without losing his innocence. The past two days have been a whirlwind for Empire Life star Jussie Smollett, who is trying to rebuild her reputation and career after the current scandal. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel even stepped forward to make a statement at a press conference denouncing Smollett, saying, “Mr. Even if you disagree with Smollett’s guilt or innocence, you should be glad it’s over… unless federal charges have been filed, but it’s doubtful. However, some actors spoke yesterday of their love and support for Smollett. Smollett always says she’s innocent. Henson, Gabby Sidibe and AzMarie Livingston made statements or went to social media to say they were eager to see him on set. He’s still walking around the Chicago Police Department. After he was charged with organizing the homophobic and racist attack on him, the 16 charges against him were dropped. I’ve been honest and consistent at all levels from day one,” he says. Some actors have openly spoken of his return. “Not for a moment, it was in vain. Taraji P.