I did not need another reason to hate cancer, but today I got one more.

She is an award-winning actress, political activist, feminist, wife, mom, and overall outstanding human being, well known for her roles on Veep and Seinfeld.

Today she announced that she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Julia entered my life a long time ago in the mid ’90s when I started watching the TV show Seinfeld with my late father Jim Calder.

Two years ago this fall we lost dad after a grueling two-year battle with non-smoking lung cancer.

As things took a turn for the worse with dad, I used my skills of writing and some help spreading the word from my friend Arianna Huffington, former cast members of Seinfeld, and random strangers.

We asked cast members of Seinfeld to record a birthday message for dad for the Seinfeld Birthday Project.

Officially viral… since fellow vice president and cancer champion Joe Biden has already tweeted her.

As someone who has lost a loved family member to cancer, I am excited to see what this amazing woman can and will do to create awareness and fight for needed cancer research and universal health care for all.

Julia Louis Dreyfus