An on-air blunder during NBC’s Friday, Feb. 9 broadcast of the 2018 Winter Olympics stirred international indignation and prompted the network to apologize for remarks made by one of its commentators, Joshua Cooper Ramo.

Ramo will not appear on any further Olympic coverage, NBC said.

A personal website says Ramo was raised in Los Ranchos, New Mexico, but he’s originally from Durham.

According to “About the Author” descriptions of Ramo, the writer and commentator was born in Durham on Dec. 14, 1968.

The Bull City-born Ramo claimed to speak on behalf of all Koreans when citing Japan as providing the example that led to Korea’s own modernization.

Japan occupied the Korean peninsula, now home to North and South Korea, from 1910 to 1945, a particularly brutal occupation for which Koreans harbor extreme resentment.

Joshua Cooper Ramo