Donald Trump’s headline-catching week continues.

After the presidential nominee refused to answer questions on immigration from Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos at a campaign press event in Iowa on Aug. 25, both parties are speaking out, asserting that the other was “Out of line.”

Trump spoke to the Today show the following morning, saying that Ramos “Began ranting and raving like a madman and truthfully, he was out of line most papers said I managed it very well.”

“I possess a right to ask a question,” says Ramos, to which Trump responds, “No, you do not. You haven’t been called,” later adding in a disparaging tone, “Go back to Univision.” Members of the security team of Trump are subsequently seen escorting Ramos from the room, and then let him afterwards.

Trump and Ramos eventually participate in a lengthy argument within the popular matter, on which they differ wildly.

Speaking to CNN within the phone, Ramos defended his actions, saying, “The one that is out of line is Donald Trump.” He added that it is his right “As a U.S. citizen, as an immigrant and as a reporter” to ask a question, especially over the fact that “He needs to deport 11 million and build a wall” along the U.S.-Mexico border “And deny citizenship.”

When pressed by New Day anchor Chris Cuomo over whether he’s making the immigration issue “Too private,” Ramos answered saying that, “As a reporter, I consider you must take a stand when it comes to racism, discrimination, corruption, public life, dictatorships and human rights.the most important social responsibility as reporters is to prevent and denounce the abuse of those who are in powerI don’t think you’ve to sit down because Donald Trump says, ‘sit down.'”.

Some have tagged Ramos’ move a stunt while others have sided with him, claiming, as he did, that it’s his right to ask tough questions, even when he’s not called upon to do so.

After the incident on Tuesday night, Univision News anchorman Enrique Acevedo interviewed Ramos, who was still on the floor in Iowa, about whether he’d ever experienced something similar to the Trump incident in his 30-year career as a journalist.

Jorge Ramos