New Jersey resident and longtime Stewart buff the petition was began by Mariel Waters the day Stewart’s Daily Show run came to an end, just soon after Waters resign her job.

The request asks the Commission on Presidential Debates “To approach and select Jon Stewart to moderate among the three major presidential debates leading to the 2016 election.”

Stewart has critically engaged these voters in television, public debates, books, and in the lengthy interviews The Daily Show made available after major guests appeared on the show.

In a standup set in 1996, Stewart said, “You do not see a discussion to hear about health care. Debates are not interesting. As you watch an auto race you watch discourses. You need to see a car go out of control, fly to the stands, and kill somebody.”

Neither Jon Stewart nor the Commission on Presidential Debates have commented on the request.

it is possible to sign the petition to have Jon Stewart reasonable an 2016 presidential debate at

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