Most of us are familiar with Jon Stewart as the witty talk show host from Comedy Central’s The Daily Show.

Last year he surprised everyone when he announced that he was retiring from his coveted hosting position to open up a branch of Farm Sanctuary in New Jersey with his beloved wife Tracey.

Farm Sanctuary is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to saving the lives of America’s millions of neglected, abused and unwanted farm animals.

Since this epic announcement, the Stewarts have been hard at work setting up the farm – and as you can see in this video, welcoming new residents!

It is easy to see how saving animals can be as fulfilling as anything that Hollywood has to offer.

In this video, the Stewarts roll out a sort of red carpet of their own – instead of limos, the animals arrive in vans and their walkway is fresh grass – for the arrival of goats Avery, Dana, Harper, Hope, and Levi, and Romy the sheep.

This happy couple seems to glow with the satisfaction of knowing these animals will never be abused or neglected again.

If you would like to learn more about the Stewart’s farm, follow their Facebook page, .

Jon Stewart