The track records of Amgen and Johnson & Johnson so far in 2016 have been quite different.

Amgen expects much more growth from Kyprolis, in particular.

Amgen should announce results from a major cardiovascular outcomes study in the first quarter of 2017 that might convince payers to loosen their purse strings.

Then t’s the big cash stockpile that Amgen claims.

While that’s not as inexpensive as Amgen, J&J still isn’t too pricey to buy for investors with a long-term perspective.

Despite its challenges, I think that Amgen should enjoy a little more growth than Johnson & Johnson over the next few years.

Amgen hasn’t paid out a dividend for nearly as long as J&J has, but its dividend is growing at a faster rate.

You won’t go wrong with J&J, but Amgen should provide higher growth and income at least into the next decade.

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