Ohio Gov. John Kasich set low expectations for his campaign on Super Tuesday, saying a big victory on the biggest voting day of the primaries is not a big part of his “Game plan.”

The candidate told reporters after a campaign event in Arlington, Va., that “Super Tuesday was never anything critical in our game plan.” He reiterated that his campaign has always hinged on states “Up north”: especially Michigan, which holds its primary on March 8, and his home state of Ohio on March 15.

“…These are things we have been planning for a long time. You know, you plan your campaign and then you carry out your plan. And that’s exactly what we’re doing.”

He reiterated his stance that winning Ohio will give him a much-needed boost of national attention and momentum-and that if he doesn’t win his home state, he’ll leave the race.

“Look, I am going to win Ohio. And then as soon as I win Ohio, everybody of course in this 24/7 news cycle will turn around and say, ‘Oh, let’s talk about John Kasich,'” he said on Fox Business.

“You know we have a campaign plan and we are-we are carrying out that campaign plan.”

Kasich is spending Super Tuesday’s election night in Jackson, Miss., and has another Mississippi rally Tuesday afternoon.

Former House Speaker and 2012 GOP candidate Newt Gingrich attended Kasich’s Arlington rally with his wife, Callista, but did not endorse Kasich at the event.

John Kasich