WWE Superstar John Cena has been a top guy in the WWE for years.

Nearing the age of 40, it seems like his WWE career is starting to dwindle down while he gets offers to host television shows and take part in films, whether they are WWE Studios flicks or not.

It appears as if offers will still come in for Cena, and he may not be in the position to turn them down at the end of the day.

WWE has allowed Cena to take on a lighter schedule, which will be good for the 15-time World Champion.

According to Cageside Seats, due to Cena doing all of these things and taking a lighter schedule, he may no longer be considered for the top-guy role on WWE SmackDown Live! We heard initially that he and AJ Styles would take on the top babyface and heel roles, respectively.

While Cena very well could be a top guy in name alone, he may not be the actual top man on his brand because of the lighter deal.

The fact is that plans must be made to decide who will lead the SmackDown brand as it’s top face if Cena is not the man and if Reigns does not go t.

Regardless, John Cena will still be a top name regardless of w he goes because he’s John Cena.

That means WWE has to pick someone to lead the brand, and t is a very short list of people who make sense for this role right now.

John Cena