It was a good night for John Cena, who might finally have the crowd in his corner after A.J. Styles pissed all over his comeback, right in the midst of a fiery speech about Dylan Thomas.

The real headline is that A.J. Styles’ former running mates made their inevitable push for New Day’s belts.

Stack the deck by bringing back Cena as part of a massive storyline involving three A-list antagonists.

That Is The A.J. Styles We LoveAfter Seth Rollins nailed his heel performance last week, A.J. Styles made his most indelible impression on WWE yet with a virtuoso villainous turn, realigning with Gallows and Anderson and beating the hell out of John Cena.

The crowd hated it, because they want to love Styles, because they want to root against Cena and apparently just because.

Styles only evolved into a must-sign free agent after establishing himself of late as a leader of bad men.

Sign of the Night: Did that say, “Please Don’t Mute Us Mr. Dunn”? In Case You Fast-Forwarded Through Commercials: I wonder w Jane Krakowski’s sympathies laid in the Verizon strike? Goldberg’s in the new WWE video game, w he’ll probably fare better than at batting practice.

John Cena