Joey and Rory Feek, the husband and wife country duo, soared to the top of the country charts early last year with their Grammy-winning album “Hymns That Are Important To Us.” Soon after, Joey lost a two-year battle with cancer.

To keep Joey’s legacy alive, Rory has posthumously released his wife’s first solo album, which she made back in 2005.

“That’s the biggest thing I struggle with is I still walk around thinking, ‘She’s really not ,” Rory told Anthony Mason on “CBS Sunday Morning” last August.

Eight months later, Rory is beginning to look ahead. “I’m still at the farm raising Indiana and trying to see w I’m going from . The baby’s doing amazing. She just learned to walk,” Rory said.

“We sort of, we got our family a piano. And I try and play with her, but she mostly grabs my hands and stops me and she wants me to hear her play. But t’s a little bit of music in our house again that’s, that’s wonderful,” Rory said.

“Oh yeah. I’ve had someone hand me a guitar from time to time, but I begrudgingly just pass it on to the next person.” Rory said.

“Would you like me to play a song?” Rory said.

Joey Feek