Hard working actor J.K. Simmons has played all kinds of roles, ranging from a kindly father, newspaper chief and the most malevolent of conductors.

His upcoming role in Justice League will show Simmons in a way we’ve never seen him before – ridiculously ripped.

In pictures that were posted to Instagram, it seems 61-year-old Simmons isn’t letting his superhero co-stars suffer alone; he’s hitting the gym just as hard and is consequently in a commendable shape we never expected to see him in.

It turns out he’s been working under the tutelage of Aaron Williamson, a marine turned personal trainer.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Williamson – who also trains Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson – said: “He’s doing such a good job of being disciplined and staying dedicated to doing something he hasn’t done before with his physique. He’s ripped. He’s more shredded than I am.”

Williamson isn’t so sure Simmons has been inspired by his Justice League co-stars, however.

“As far as the whole Justice League stuff goes, if he is trying to get ready for something in that arena, I’m not aware of it and he never shared it with me. I’m only training with him as a friend and client and helping him achieve what he’s trying to achieve with his new physique.”

Justice League is just one of 13 projects Simmons has on the horizon; it’s currently filming and will be released 17 November 2017.

JK Simmons