Jimmy Fallon was back hosting “The Tonight Show” Monday night, and he brought with him his trademark sense of humor – plus a bandaged finger along with a harrowing narrative of a simple injury that could have ended in amputation.

As Fallon took the stage, it was clear he wasn’t totally treated: His left hand was wrapped in a bandage that extended up his still-swollen and bruised ring finger.

When he got up his finger was “Sideways.”

“Like a cheap horror movie in which you view a busted finger. It looks like that.”

“Seemingly, the odds aren’t great … and normally they only cut your finger off,” he said.

The procedure lasted six hours and required doctors to take a vein from his foot and connect it with tissue in his finger.

“I was in the ICU for 10 days,” he said and noted, “I will not get feeling back for eight weeks.”

Challenging for the very best of us, but particularly challenging for someone who often plays music, like Fallon.

Jimmy Fallon