JID’s narwhuar interview is almost like Lil Uzi Vert when JID runs away. Nardwuar also donated to JID a record of Little Dragon’s Season High, a vinyl copy of Writers Of The Revolution, a recording of Langston Hughes and Margaret Danner reading each other’s poems, a photo of JID playing football and an original Titanic badge in 1997 that reflects JID’s love for the works of Leonardo DiCaprio, from which he gave two of his records. JID then joked that any artist making a nardwuar video is likely to try to “draw a Uzi”, which could be as much a part of the show as the melody “doo doo doo doo doo doo doo” with which they end all their interviews, even Uzi herself. The delicacy that triggered his sprint for freedom refers to his past when he delivered pizzas to Killer Mike’s hair salon in Atlanta and asked him to ask, “How do you know?” and to walk down the hall and “Uzi! Uzi! before coming back with a smile a kilometre long on his face. His last theme is the Dreamville JID, whom he met at the SXSW and with whom he presented his personal gifts and questions until JID, which is a sport good enough on the whole issue, simulated his own escape before returning to finish the interview. A few months later, other rappers began to highlight in their own interviews the viral moment when Nardwuar’s in-depth knowledge became too deep for comfort. JID is currently on the second leg of its Catch Me If You Can Tour, which continues until spring.

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