It’s been 11 years since pop’s power couple Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey called it quits, but the MTV producer behind the former couple’s hit reality show “Newlyweds” has fond memories of the stars.

The duo married in 2002 when Simpson was 22 and Lachey was 29.

Kolinsky insisted Simpson’s famous dumb blonde persona wasn’t an act.

Despite their humorous interactions as a pair, Kolinsky noticed signs of the relationship heading downhill.

“You could feel t was tension between the two of them,” Kolinsky recalled.

Both Simpson and Lachey have moved on to find love again.

Simpson married former American football player Eric Johnson in 2016 and they share two children: 5-year-old daughter Maxwell and 4-year-old son Ace.

Despite the outcome of the show and the former couple’s marriage, Kolinsky said she doesn’t regret her experience on “Newlyweds”.

Jessica Simpson