The Abigail yacht crew proves fitter for survival than a murderous band of marauders on “Captive,” Episode 205 of AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead.”.

Sea raiders working for Connor have seized the yacht and returned to base with abductees Alicia Clark and Travis Manawa.

Connor’s younger brother Reed and two guards intended to bring Abigail into port and presumably slaughter the crew.

Suddenly Maddie has leverage, figuring she can swap Reed for Alicia and Travis.

“You can have your brother when I get my family back,” Maddie informs Connor over the radio.

So it’s not surprising that when Connor asked what Charlie could offer, she vindictively provided intel on Abigail.

Not for long because Connor accepts Maddie’s offer to exchange Travis and Alicia for Reed.

So apparently it’s on to Mexico for the intrepid Abigail crew.

Jesse McCartney