With The Walking Dead season seven nearing the halfway mark, fans are nervously anticipating several traumatic moments that’ll rival those witnessed in the premiere which saw the deaths of two main characters at the hands of Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s antagonist, Negan.

The character, who is considered the most fearsome villain in the series’ history, has been a regular fixture following his introduction in the closing moments of season six.

Actor Morgan previously hinted that Negan was to survive the approaching episodes and has now officially confirmed he’ll be in season eight.

“I know I will be on board for Season 8,” Morgan told CinemaBlend after confirming that season seven wrapped filming a week ago.

The Watchmen actor also teased the final two episodes before the series goes on its mid-season hiatus, the penultimate of whicha irs this weekend.

“The next two, I’m really big in,” he said.

Episode six, titled ‘Swear’, was soemthing of a departure for the AMC series influenced by off-screen events involving actors Alanna Masterson and Corey Hawkins.

The Walking Dead continues in the US on Sunday with the episode airing in the UK the following evening on FOX at 9pm. Reuse content.

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