In 1996, Jeanne was chairman of the Montreal World Film Festival jury that I was a member of, and my initial impression, that she was simultaneously spontaneous, conscientious and playful, never changed.

Juries routinely exchange contact information when the festival is over, and Jeanne and I kept in touch.

Because my wife has lived in Paris, we go back frequently, and it became a ritual to call Jeanne up and go to dinner, often in her neighborhood in the 16th arrondissement.

Jeanne liked restaurants that knew her, that would not make a fuss.

Jeanne had an impish sense of humor and an enormous sense of fun, sometimes in an almost childlike way.

What invariably struck me about Jeanne was her enormous curiosity, her formidable intelligence and her passion for knowledge.

At a young age, Jeanne said, she’d gone to the Paris police station near her home and told the officer on duty that t must be some mistake, the uninteresting people she was living with could not possibly be her parents.

Jeanne Moreau