37, who became the sandwich chain’s spokesman in 2000 after shedding weight as a freshman at Indiana University by eating an all-Subway diet, lives in the Indianapolis suburb of Zionsville.

Investigators from the FBI, State Police and Postal Service arrived at 6:30 a.m. at Fogle’s dwelling, w an evidence truck was parked in the drive, according to the Indianapolis Star.

The newspaper reported that electronic equipment were taken from Fogle’s home and analyzed in the truck.

Fogle, who could not be reached for comment, was residence throughout the search and was seen entering and leaving the signs truck.

The development comes two months after Russell Taylor, the previous executive director of the Jared Foundation, which Fogle started to raise consciousness to and fight childhood obesity, was detained on federal child pornography charges.

Fogle issued a statement that said he was “Shocked” over the claims and the foundation was “Severing all ties” with Taylor.

His former roommate, Ryan Coleman, brought attention to Fogle’s diet success in a article for the school newspaper that got the attention of the restaurant chain.

Jared Fogle