‘I Kind Of Look Bad In It’: The Life Of Jake LaMotta, The Legacy Of ‘Raging Bull’ : Monkey See Critic Chris Klimek says Martin Scorsese’s landmark 1980 film provides an unflattering portrait of Jake LaMotta, who died Wednesday – a portrait the boxer was only too happy to sit for.

Jake LaMotta, the middleweight champion boxer famed for his ferocity in the ring in the 1940s and early ’50s, died this week – nearly 40 years after his obituary was written.

LaMotta published a memoir of that title in 1970, but it was Martin Scorsese’s adaptation of the book, released late in 1980 to critical acclaim and commercial indifference, that became the lasting monument to his life.

LaMotta participated in the film’s production, personally training De Niro to portray him during his lean and fighting fit years, when LaMotta fought Sugar Ray Robinson a half-dozen times.

Twenty-six years had passed between LaMotta’s retirement from the fight game and the release of Raging Bull.

“You know what’s the greatest sin in the world?” LaMotta asks his nephew on the Raging Bull commentary track.

Jake LaMotta