Now, according to a Jobs & Hire report, Jaden Smith appears to be ready to drop his much-anticipated new album and he’s doing the socially conscious thing by supporting victims of the Orlando Pulse nightclub terror attack, which happened a week ago tomorrow.

All in all, Jaden Smith is just doing all the things he’s loved for and making his loyal, adoring fans proud in the process.

Jaden Smith defends his gender fluidity by saying that he doesn’t even see a difference between men’s clothes and women’s clothes.

Because of Jaden Smith’s open-minded and progressive views, it’s not surprising that Jaden has been retweeting support for the victims of last week’s Orlando massacre, which happened at Pulse, a well-known gay nightclub.

While Jaden Smith has definitely been busy in the last few months, with his new Louis Vuitton campaign and starring in an upcoming Netflix series, it appears that the model and actor is trying to take some time to focus on his other love – making music.

Jaden Smith’s somewhat controversial relationship with an older woman has also been in the spotlight quite a bit lately, with rumors swirling that his famous family doesn’t share his love for model Sarah Snyder.

Rumors have been flying around social media that Jaden Smith and Snyder may have gone their separate ways, but if this cryptic tweet means what it seems to mean, Jaden is in it for the long haul.

Whatever happens in his young life, whether he finishes that album and stays with his girl, Jaden Smith will almost certainly use his social media power to stay in the spotlight.

Jaden Smith