Even though Jaden Smith is a media maven in his own right and has been for years, the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith is barely 18-years-old.

Jaden just celebrated his milestone birthday on July 8, and to commemorate the big event, he released a new song that features some celebratory lyrics and a musical arrangement that MTV is calling “Jazzy.”

In the wake of a rash of police shootings involving African-American suspects, Jaden Smith is also using his 18th birthday song as a platform to discuss the racial divide and discrimination in the United States.

It’s apparently just a coincidence that Jaden Smith’s new song seemed a bit prophetic, being released in the midst of some of the worst anti-police violence in U.S. history.

So far Jaden Smith fans have gotten little more than a few cryptic tweets and one birthday song.

Even if Jaden Smith makes his salivating fans wait a bit longer for the rest of his long-promised and much-anticipated debut album, it won’t be because he’s busy lazing around.

Overall, Jaden Smith’s variety of talents and personal drive have made him incredibly successful; before his 18th birthday, Jaden was estimated to be worth a respectable $8 million.

Jaden Smith