Cole defended 6ix9ine and XXXTENTATION against Cancel Culture. The singer tries to replace “erase culture” with “culture of responsibility”, claiming that this gives artists the opportunity to redeem themselves. Cole offered words of encouragement in a verse of “MIDDLE CHILD” to Kodak Black, who is currently awaiting trial for sexual violence. In his interview, the singer of “Wet Dreamz” explained why in the past he showed empathy with controversial rappers such as Kodak Black, 6ix9ine and XXXTentacion. In his interview, the singer of “Wet Dreamz” explained why in the past he showed empathy with controversial rappers like Kodak Black, 6ix9ine and XXXTentacion. The disappearance of culture has been compared to a boycott of social networks. At the time of his death, for example, XXXTentacion was facing a charge of violent sexual violence against his then pregnant girlfriend. Cole was referring to his preferred course in relation to the controversial charges of the XXXTentacion for his murder. Instead of attacking them, put your arm around them and offer them help. Cole explained that she thinks it’s more beneficial to have real conversations with these rappers. At the same time, however, they condemn the criminal justice system, which is the entire system of destruction. Cole and his record label Dreamville recently released the cover of XXL Magazine in the spring of 2019. For me, these two ideas are waiting, like, “We threw it away. “These two mentalities lose sight of the point, which means that people need to be cured. It would not have been in the sense of punishment, trial or annulment. The three rappers have been victims of negative reactions and public humiliation for professional misconduct. He would go in the direction of recovery. In the interview, J. But in this case, criticism is a subject that escapes the real problem: the ubiquity of sexual violence in the music industry, and the permissiveness that has been the common answer of those who can actually do something to stop it. TAGS6ix9ineJ. Yes, erasing culture is not synonymous with a culture of responsibility. Music lovers cannot offer much help to the accused or provide a forum for accountability, unlike other powerful voices in the industry. But if a fan discovers that an artist is accused of sexual violence, it is better to withdraw his support. .

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