President Donald Trump’s daughter and top adviser also said on “Fox & Friends” that her father felt “Vindicated” by James Comey’s testimony last week before the Senate intelligence committee, in which the former FBI director said t was no investigation into Trump personally during his time at the FBI. “My father felt very vindicated in all the statements that he’s been making and feels incredibly optimistic,” she said.

Asked whether it was hard to get things done in light of the ongoing Russia investigation, Trump admitted she was “a little blindsided” by distractions she attributed to media “Ferocity.”

Trump’s comments are striking given her father’s own reputation for harsh talk.

Amid a heated media environment, the President has been especially aggressive, ramping up fights on Twitter that have distracted from his White House’s own messaging efforts.

Trump made her first of two appearances on Fox News this week to promote the White House’s “Workforce development week,” another opportunity for the White House to try to set the agenda and messaging for the week.

The first daughter also said husband Jared Kushner “Loves” his job as a senior adviser and head of the newly-formed Office of American Innovation.

“I mean, talk about impact,” she said, noting his role modernizing government, as well as foreign policy initiatives, which included planning and organizing much of the President’s first foreign trip.

The FBI is looking into the role Kushner held during the campaign and transition, including his contacts with Russian officials, his role in the campaign’s data analytics operation and his relationship with former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Trump dismissed ongoing reports of internal West Wing drama.

Ivanka Trump