Irene: This time, we have a special “Bad Boy” test. “The first verse will be with the original verses in Korean, then the second verse will be in English, so we would like to see it if everyone enjoyed it very much. One of the biggest surprises of the festival was when the ladies presented an English version of their hit “Bad Boy” on the KCON stage, an important wink to their growing number of foreign fans. SECURITY: You have done many KCONs, your first American performance was at KCON 2015 in Los Angeles, you played in Mexico City Date 2017. Behind the scenes of the festival, Irene, Seoulgi, Wendy, Joy and Yeri talked to Fuse about what the show was like, w “he” announces “his” future music and much more. Last time we talked, you said you wanted to try different genres and inspirations from different artists. Just: As we were getting ready for Bad Boy, I found a lot of inspiration in watching Rihanna’s videos and playing her. Wendy: No, I’m saying it may just be the second verse, but maybe we’ll have a whole song at some point. Irene: The performance is very strong and I have the impression that it explodes with energy. And although our concept that we will continue to pursue is not this, my personal feelings are that I want to do something very retro. Tfore, the interpretation also adapts to the text, so that t are also small and beautiful parts, so that you can have high expectations in this direction. It’s retro, but it’s still very fresh when you see the choreography and the passion that comes out of it. Wendy: We really don’t have time, but only for fans we do this. In fact, I was getting ready to see how I could incorporate what I learned from Rihanna into “Bad Boy” so that it would be something completely new to use as inspiration. Alone: The album will be released on July 4th, but t is a title on the album that we sang during our tour. The song is for the fans, so although we’ve already sung it for the fans, it’s still something very special. Joy: I also really like the retro concept. I recently saw Bruno Mars’ “Finesse” and I was surprised. Personally, I really like New Jack Swing and I hope Red Velvet can try something like that. That would be great.

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