But it’s also the best kind of rarity – opening the door to a universe essentially reserved for taking freedom capsules in black nets. And then t’s the kind of gold in the blender that’s closest to sticking a double dose of ayahuasca in your ears. Then close the doors, wash your hands, run a zoo and enjoy the intricate Diligence, w the cosmic sticks fall with a backpack. In the same way, “Diligence” cuts the noose of the sweet soul of “Spud Webb as the little ballplayer whose name it bears. Maybe it’s the strange ritual of standing by the window at a certain time each week and clapping like a crawling seal for a final performance at Sea World. Bandcamp has given up their artistic management fee for every first Friday of the month for the next three months, so get over it and give 100% to the GotM team. They have joined Divine Process, also known as Oxford Rawz rapper, and even their most ridiculous performances can’t help but admire the skill of the bars. In short, the right kind of cut. The beats are courtesy of Eldritch; a carousel of soul songs, funky bass lines and dark samples. Cashew,” inspired by G-funk, wouldn’t look out of place on a Goldie Lookin’ Chain album, although with better accents. The producer gives each song a unique touch, but the misty rock of “Swish” has to find the best rhythm on the album. Songs like “Komodo” capture the essence of this sound – a bit stupid, skillfully interpreted and undeniably captivating. Things are strange right now, aren’t they? Maybe it’s all over the empty streets. The result is yet another confusing journey to an alternative universe, albeit in a much more pleasant way than in the real world of 2020.

Intricate Diligence X