Aug. 11, 2015: Idaho has joined Colorado in replacing milepost 420 signs with milepost 419.9 appellations in an effort to thwart thievery.

Idaho transportation officials say the mile marker has been replaced with 419.9 indications to curb burglars enthusiastic to own a number associated with cannabis enthusiasts.

States like Washington and Colorado also have replaced 420 hints with 419.9 after consistently having to replace them after larcenies by supposed sticky-fingered stoners.

Adam Rush of the Idaho Transportation Department says officials have replaced the old sign along U.S. Highway 95 with “MILE 419.9,” just south of Coeur d’Alene.

“In Idaho, individuals will shoot at them or write on them before stealing them entirely. We spend more time mending indications than replacing them.”

Washington has two highways long enough to have 420 mileposts that have both been plagued by thieves snatching the signal through the years, said Barbara LaBoe, spokeswoman for the Washington State.

Idaho replaces mile marker