Even though Nina Dobrev has already left “The Vampire Diaries,” her character Elena Gilbert still appears in the show.

Executive producer Caroline Dries told Collider during an interview that it was important to have Elena around because she keeps Ian Somerhalder’s character Damon Salvatore grounded, but it was also challenging to film her scenes given Dobrev’s departure.

“It’s a total challenge and it helps that she is Damon’s touchstone for every decision that he makes, even when she was on the show. It helps that that is why Damon is making the decisions that he’s making. So yeah, I still think that she does stay present,” she said.

A lot of the show’s fans were heartbroken when Dobrev and Somerhalder ended their romance.

Somerhalder is now married to actress Nikki Reed, while Dobrev is currently dating “Bridge of Spies” actor Austin Stowell.

When Dobrev posted a photo of her and Stowell sharing a smooch on the slopes, fans commented that “Ian is better” and that “Damon is waiting for you.”

When Somerhalder celebrated his ninth marriage monthsary with Reed, people still wanted to push “Nian forever” and said it’s “Wrong” for him to be with Reed rather than Dobrev.

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