Music of the soul. I continued to work on my writing, recording and performance and was invited as early as 2016 to repeat the festival with my group “Isaac Arag√≥n & The Healing”. I finally had the sound I would be proud to present to the world. and since then, I have worked independently to market the music. Love Bless America’ is ISAAC ARAGON’s latest single, with US Blue Eyed. T are many protest songs, songs about social changes, etc. In my opinion, nothing is more effective than those that produce change and action to the sound of a contagious rhythm or a melody that makes you stand up and dance! Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Goin’ On” is a classic example. I intend to promote “Love Bless America” as much as possible, starting with other European countries. I haven’t yet found an effective advertising strategy in the US, so the music is mostly limited to my fan community and my community. Are they really opposite ideals? It’s a question the listener has to answer himself, but the real message of the music is that LOVE is a choice. Make music and art and leave a trail of peace and a legacy of LOVE wver you go. For years I’ve been pursuing my artistic ambitions on a part-time basis, but only in the last two months have I been able to do so with all my time and energy as a full-time musician. Completely surprised! I’m still surprised at how open and receptive British DJs are and I’ve even tried new songs. Experimenting with different countries and cultures and using music as a vehicle to play and sing, but also to listen. If you read intelligent soul media, you know everything about it; if you listen to the best soul stations, you will have heard.. .

Delta Blues