When you hear the words “Broadway Star,” what do you see in your head? A diva who removes the number 11:00 from the center of the scene? Impatient fans waiting in front of the artist’s entrance for the protagonist’s autograph? Well, we think the brightest stars on the Gran Via Blanca are really the whole thing. “I can dance to this choreography all day, every day! Denis has “his” own style – inspired by Fred Astaire and Ginger Roger – a combination of swing, sliding, sport and dynamic steps. The last show to decorate the Gran Via Blanca? A retrospective of the glamour of the golden age of Hollywood. Finally, these three threats dance downwards and create complex vocal harmonies and three-dimensional characters from scratch eight times a week. “My favorite part of the Holiday Inn is the exuberance and joy of the show. Everyone has their own rituals and superstitions for the show – but are five things you shouldn’t do if you want your best show. They may not know the names of their characters, but without the incredible talent of these dancers, the show could literally not happen. Holiday Inn is an overview of the golden age of Hollywood. Preparing for a show is stressful to say the least. The Holiday Inn opens in October and the “heat wave” is my favorite. DS has reached some of the stars for knowledge. Consider this your official guide for the last and best of the season. Some lights on the podium, others will open in the coming months, and it’s worth it. .

Holiday Inn Show