The fourth limited edition contains a poster and a Blu-ray disc with “10 legendary movies”. Movies are selected by fans by voting and show that fans “have the best idea of what child metal is”. “Each of the 10 selected songs will be composed with live material from various concerts. During the holidays Babymetal fans will have a lot of music, as the band is preparing to release a 10-year collection of “best of” Babymetal, which looks back on the first decade, but offers 10 different editions of the collection. These versions will not be widely available, but fans who buy one of the other editions will find a “prophet card” with a serial number pointing to Su Metal Moametal or Cobametal. Blu-ray discs contain interviews with Su-Metal and Moametal recorded over the past ten years, as well as live recordings of 10 songs from this disc. Also being prepared is a “Chronicle Set”, containing two Blu-ray discs, a photo album and a large flag. The Babymetal hits collection has just arrived, as the band has just released a new video on “BxMxCx”. “See the video below. Fans are invited to guess and order 10 songs, which consists of the album of the selected member, and the correct answers will be given in special issues. Each of the 10 releases will contain a standard version of the album on CD, but t will also be 9 additional versions, which will be accompanied by a bonus track. Finally, t will be special versions organized by Su-Metal, Moametal and Kobametal, in which each musician will personally choose 10 of “his” best songs. This release is a kind of “only fox knows”, which means that the last details of the song are not yet known. Meanwhile, stay in touch with the other nine editions of “Babimetal”, 10 years ago, which will be released in December. One of the kits contains a Blu-Ray disc with 16 music videos of songs. One of the sets contains 10 art tracks, which reflect 10 years of traveling Su-Metal and Moametal. The tenth edition, version X, will not be released at the same time as the other variations. The trailer is shown below, and to explore all the editions in more detail, take a look .

Hits Collection A