President Barack Obama said in a new interview that Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign is not directly comparable his own 2008 White House bid.

Sanders has been surging in the race against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whom Obama also waged an insurgent campaign against in the 2008 contest.

Politico correspondent Glenn Thrush asked Obama whether he bought into the notion that Sanders was an “Analog” for his own candidacy against Clinton eight years ago.

Obama did concede that Sanders had “Tapped into a running thread in Democratic politics that says: Why are we still constrained by the terms of the debate that were set by Ronald Reagan 30 years ago?”.

Clinton served in Obama’s administration for four years after losing to him in the 2008 primary.

Obama continued: “Bernie is somebody who – although I don’t know as well because he wasn’t, obviously, in my administration, has the virtue of saying exactly what he believes, and great authenticity, great passion, and is fearless. His attitude is, ‘I got nothing to lose.'”.

Hillary Clinton