1) Sen. Elizabeth Warren The case for picking her: Vox’s Andrew Prokop ably summarized the pros and cons of picking Warren , but suffice it to say she’s one of the most famous and popular Democratic politicians in the country, with a huge social media following and passionate fans among the Democratic base.

He’s a lifelong politician in the truest sense, having been elected to the Ohio House of Representatives in 1974 at age 22, and has served in some form of elected office ever since, save a brief two-year period between service as Ohio’s secretary of state and his election to the US House.

He’s distinguished himself in the Obama administration – first as assistant attorney general for civil rights, w he revived a division of the Department of Justice that was turned into a politicized cesspool under President Bush and made it an effective voice for voting rights and against police racism; and as secretary of labor, w he’s cracked down on corrupt financial advisers and used regulatory maneuvers to get overtime payments for millions of workers.

Like Warren, Castro, Perez, and Becerra, he’d represent an effort by Clinton to say that the era of white male domination of politics is over, and he’d help prevent any drop-off in black turnout due to President Obama no longer being on the ballot.

The case against picking him: Clinton has attempted to make nice with teachers unions alienated by the Obama administration’s support of accountability measures and charter schools, and you know who teachers unions hate more than just about anyone? Cory Booker.

Despite endorsing Obama early in the 2008 cycle, and despite Bill Clinton’s endorsement of his rival in 2013, Garcetti campaigned diligently for Hillary throughout the primaries, especially in the runup to the vote in California.

9) Rep. Tim Ryan The case for picking him: Ryan is a young but still well-qualified Congress member from northeast Ohio, representing Youngstown and the outskirts of Akron, among the most struggling industrial areas in the state.

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