What began as a surprise act for their own children dancing on the six different competition teams became an enthusiastic group of parents invited by Hip Hop International. They have formed a new group especially for this competition: DJF Special Heroes Crew. During four training sessions, they learned a choreography, which earned them first place in this special category. With two full coaches, six dance teams departed from Zevenaar and met in three categories: Juniors, Varsity and Adults. For the first time in the Netherlands, Hiphop International also organised a dance competition for people with disabilities. A more comprehensive point is that this NOS News interviewed the enthusiastic dancers and their coach Yuri about this special competition. Since the foundation of DJF, its owner Joeri van Grol has been teaching this target group in Zevenaar and Arnhem. ZEVENAAR – Last weekend, the Maastricht MECC was the heart of one of Hiphop International’s 47 world rankings. The dance is for everyone! And this is confirmed by 26 parents who together make up the DJF parent team. Junior – Kids’ NBeats 12 year old finished 2nd, the youngest DJF team Lil’ Unity did not win any prize. D-Unit deserved first place in the adult category. The DJF Dance Center was strongly represented.