Whether she’s gamely twerking or gleefully cracking a whip, Dame Helen Mirren is always up for adding a little spice to her interviews.

This time, she decided to plant a kiss on Stephen Colbert, apparently rendering the late-night host speechless.

The kiss looks almost orchestrated, but that might just be Colbert’s well-honed improv instincts kicking in.

Mirren claims she has been dreaming of smooching Colbert for 15 years-haven’t we all?-which would make her a die-hard Colbert-head from way back in the Daily Show days.

Colbert joked, “Can you imagine how many people are jealous of me right now?” Mirren, for her part, complimented Colbert on his soft lips and said he wished she had gone for even more that just that one sweet peck.

“You’re a dame,” Colbert said, trying to get the segment back on track.

“I have interviewed some sirs … they never kissed me.” “Not even Ian McKellen?” Mirren asked.

“Not even Ian McKellen,” Colbert quickly replied.

Sequel starring Sir Ian? The Late Show with Stephen Colbert producers, you know what to do.

Helen Mirren