Heat Check: new edition of Lil Baby Spillage Village, Maya Amolo and much more: all the songs will be covered, whether it’s a protest song or a small story about personal betrayal, this week Heat Check looks at the big picture. Whether it’s a protest song or a short story, this week’s “Heat Check” looks at the big picture that we’ll never forget. The “Big Picture” by Lil Baby is a deliberate hymn trap from the “Black Matter of Life” movement. Singers Chloe and Halle, who have just released their second album “Ungodly Hour”, have a hit with their favourite debut album “Forgive Me”. “It is a celebration of adult life, accompanied by sexual desire, which seems to be a necessary break with life’s difficulties.” T’s nothing new in the Atlanta police corruption report for Lil Baby – her last album My Turn is thematically interspersed with rhymes of resistance and despair – but her last song has something that takes her to the next level. “Big Picture” skillfully combines ten life experiences of a child with a wider social conversation about retirement. Spillage Village – J.I. D. EARTHGANG, 6lack, Mereba, Jurdan Bryant, Hollywood JB and hip-hop super band Benji – has been inactive for years because its members have successfully climbed the ladder of fame. Album 1 and Lil Kid, his next reporter father, show that he is positioning himself as part of the new team of the couple in the near future. Maya Amolo not only shows that she is three steps ahead of every move in the game, but she can also get rid of her fear and pain with every choir, or at least this is what she wants us to believe. Any fan of TikTok trophies will recognize the voice of this Los Angeles singer on “Deep End”, a track remixed by Brooklyn-based rapper Sleepy Hallow and now present on all video hostings. Some artists are still at the forefront of the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s a deliberately deceptive song that strikes at the right moment. Even when he takes a violent life he chose for rap, he inspires change and links so many years with so few words.

Heat Check