Founding members Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson quickly became superstars, famous for their first-rate looks, second-rate harmonies, and third-rate stick and poke tattoos.

While Malik was busy squandering his best material and highest-resolution selfies, 1D’s second star-in-the-making, Harry Styles, took a well-deserved break.

Meanwhile “Sign of the Times,” Styles’ debut single, has been described as everything from “Early Bowie” to “Vintage Brit rock” to “a lot like an Aerosmith ballad.” In other words, it’s a mash-up of a bunch of influences that Harry Styles wasn’t alive to experience personally because he is 23 years old.

Styles may have the experience and insight of just over two decades on planet earth, but in another way, he’s just getting started.

P.S.: Harry Styles most certainly dies in Dunkirk.

Harry Styles may not be a trained Shakespearean actor, but he’s clearly willing to work outside of his comfort zone.

All of those future doctors and lawyers are probably more inspired than ever to hand over their allowance to Harry Styles.

With a new album, a feature film debut, Gucci and an army of teenage girls all working in his favor, the new Harry Styles seems all but unstoppable.

Harry Styles