Hailey Baldwin appears to have put all the recent Justin Bieber drama firmly behind her.

Bieber and stunning blonde Bronte Blampied were spotted getting ready to take a helicopter flight between V Festival sets over the weekend as well as enjoying a night out at trendy Tape club.

“What makes the present so powerful is when we take complete responsibility for our actions, we allow ourselves self-growth.”

“Misplacing the blame onto someone else isn’t going to get you to the next stage in life, so try not to manipulate a situation to make yourself look better.”

Hailey later took to Twitter to insist her post was about “Life in general” rather than her friend’s ongoing drama.

She tweeted: “The only thing I”weigh in on” is everyday life in general.

Don’t rope me into things I’m not a part of and please respect my privacy.

Hailey Baldwin