Season 11 coaches Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Alicia Keys returned, with season nine coach Gwen Stefani replacing Miley Cyrus.

Shelton and Stefani followed not long after, and the first Blind Audition of the season locked in a four-chair turn.

Levine turned first, followed by Shelton and Stefani.

Johnny Hayes, who auditioned during season 11 but didn’t turn any chairs, returned for a second chance tonight.

Levine and Stefani turned right away, and Hayes found himself in a much different position than last season.

Shelton turned first, but he was followed by an enthusiastic Stefani, who rushed the stage and immediately threw Shelton under the bus.

Shelton, Stefani, and Keys all turned, so she didn’t quite get the four-chair turn, but it was an impressive performance.

Gwen Stefani