Blake Shelton continued collecting young female talent Thursday on The Voice much to the dismay of his girlfriend Gwen Stefani.

Gwen, 47, grew annoyed when Blake, 40, nabbed another slew of fabulous females for his team.

First of the night was 23-year-old Nashville resident Ashley Levin – who both Blake and Gwen wanted.

‘If we make it to the finale I’ve got the hook up,’ Gwen said, pointing to Blake.

‘You’re no different than all the other girls on his team right now, he literally has all cute girls on his team,’ jibed Gwen.But Ashley went with Blake, saying: ‘I’ve been listening to you my whole life’.

In a huff, the Maroon 5 frontman noted that Blake always steals the country artists.

‘I’m not giving up until Casi is on this team, because this is meant to freaking be,’ said Blake.

Alicia Keys urged her to ‘shock the world’ by choosing either her or Gwen.But Casi decided not to shock anyone and chose Blake.

Gwen called him ‘so natural’ and ‘so pure’ while name dropping some of the people she’s worked with such as Dr. Dre and the rapper Eve.’Brandon, I want to help you hold your hose,’ laughed Blake.

Gwen Stefani