Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s relationship has been somewhat … confounding from the get-go.

The two-both co-hosts on The Voice-would not, even from the perspective of someone who knew nothing whatsoever about pop culture, be two people you would expect to get together; it’s like if you saw someone in eighth grade wearing a Hot Topic shirt and Levi’s jeans.

The two both had recently exited high-profile relationships with musicians more closely associated with their respective genre, Stefani from Bush front man Gavin Rossdale, and Shelton from country star Miranda Lambert.

The two have been unusually demonstrative about their coupling, tweeting at each other, and Snapchatting each other, and Instagramming about the other.

The two remain together, months later, and now have released a song together.

It’s basically an upbeat country-tinged ballad like most country songs, t is underlying ennui and distress .

Anyway, the chorus is presumably about mourning the end of their prior relationships, but then we reach Gwen’s verse, which brings the heat to a more intense degree.

The two will perform the song Monday night, on The Voice, and some pay-per-view channel could make a ton of money if they were able to offer a live feed of Rossdale and Lambert watching the performance from their couches.

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