LOS ANGELES – Things get very slimy, very fast in the new Ghostbusters.

Slimer returns: The hungry green ghost from the original makes a brief appearance in the trailer and is featured in the new film.

The Ectomobile revamp: The new Ghostbusters Ectomobile is a handed-down 1980s Cadillac hearse.

It’s a complete reboot: In the new tale, New York City has never been overrun with paranormal activity.

No cameo reveals: While Murray, Aykroyd and Hudson all appear in the new film, they aren’t in the trailer.

Serious hardware: The new team of Ghostbusters not only have proton-pack energy weapons, but McKinnon’s nuclear physicist keeps improving on them.

“I wanted to give a nod to the new hardware and the of these women,” says Feig.