The result isn’t the end of the world, but it’s certainly no Armageddon either.

The scientist behind the whole thing, the genius who saved humanity, was Gerard Butler.

Three years after Max takes over, things start going wrong with the God machines.

There, the new crew doesn’t even recognize the man who saved the world three years ago.

As Jake starts collecting evidence of sabotage aboard the ISS, his brother is gathering disturbing clues about what may be going on.

Luckily, Max’s girlfriend Sarah is on the president’s Secret Service detail, and her ethics prove remarkably flexible when her honey asks for illegal favors.

Having introduced Max’s teenage daughter before he leaves on his mission, they completely forget about her until the movie is almost over; they also decline to create any kind of rapport between Max and the astronauts who are about to help him save the world.

The failure is pretty spectacular when it comes to Butler and Sturgess, whose performance suggests Devlin shouldn’t be directing actors for a living.