LOS ANGELES – Right after his “Dancing with the Stars” introduction, Gary Busey told FOX411 how much he believes in the Presidential candidacy of his former “Celebrity Apprentice” manager Donald Trump.

The celebrity is bullish on the billionaire businessman’s controversial campaign, saying on Monday night, “I understand him personally. I understand him. He’s a terrific man. He is sharp. He’s not slow. He is able to alter the country following the past eight years.”

While Busey subsequently said his lips were sealed and “I’m not getting into politics,” he said he appreciated “Every day” working with Trump on two versions of “Celebrity Apprentice” – and also was amused by being mentioned by Jimmy Fallon as well as the Donald on their Friday night “Tonight Show” skit.

Fallon portrayed Trump interviewing himself while the actual Donald answered the questions in the guy in the mirror sketch that immediately went viral.

“I didn’t expect it but Jimmy is a dear friend and he said, ‘What do you think about Vice President Gary Busey?’ and Donald said, ‘No, I think he’d be a Supreme Court Justice,'” Busey grinned.

On Monday night, Busey, 71, was more interested in succeeding at dancing together with his Russian-born master partner Anna Trebunskaya.

Busey said he wasn’t nervous at all because he got assurance from Trebunskaya-and additionally, from within.

Busey talked on DWTS about how he was dancing in homage to his late mom, and backstage he elaborated, “She went about three years back, but this was her favourite show , and so I told the judges and Tom [Bergeron] that every dance I dance will be for my mother.”

Gary Busey