During our conversation, Damon Lindelof spoke about one important detail from the season three premiere: The gigantic Gary Busey balloon.

Police chief Kevin Garvey and his son Tom squared off with a couple of rogue town visitors who brought a huge balloon of Gary Busey to the town of Jarden.

“Mr. Gary Busey is coming back from heaven on the 14th – how is he gonna know w to land?”.

You see, Gary Busey was among the 140 million people who vanished on October 14.

A scrolling list of celebrities who Departed came up, and Gary Busey were on the list.

“But Gary f–ing Busey? How does he make the cut?”.

We asked Damon Lindelof about the new reference to Gary Busey in season three, and the creation of his huge balloon.

For Lindelof, the Busey balloon was an Easter egg meant for the diehard fans of the show.

“We’re not just doubling down on Busey, we’re going by a factor of ten,” Lindelof said.

Gary Busey