When a judge makes an integral opinion on whether six Baltimore officers charged in connection to the departure of Freddie Gray will have their trials moved out from the city the courthouse will soon be packed Thursday morning.

Protesters will also be out and around as will police on Thursday.

Interim city police Commissioner Kevin Davis said they’ll handle a demonstration like a protest, and if policemen have to step in to preserve order, they will.

“If things occur and emotions run high, I’m convinced that we shall address that scenario suitably and we have the right leadership out on the ground in the town to make those decisions in the ground,” Davis said.

Authorities have shifted their strategy for coping with protesters since some got out of control before this year, and Davis considers that new approach is working.

“As early as we can identify formal and informal leaders with any protest group and set a connection with those folks, convey why we are t, and what we’re willing to do for them in order for them to exercise their First Amendment rights, I think that kind of settles things down,” Davis said.

Thursday’s demonstrations are set to start around 8:30 a.m..

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