Vincent was born on July 19, 1934 in Carthage, New York, a son of the late Nazzaranio and Anna Frank.

With the dream of being a Police Officer, he spent four years as a policeman in the Air Force before joining the Carthage Village Police Department on February 15, 1965 as the youngest man on the force.

After serving as Sergeant for six months, he was promoted to Police Chief on April 9, 1972.

It may have been his desire to become a state trooper that motivated him, as Police Chief, to forge relationships between the village police department and other law enforcement agencies.

Vinnie had coffee every day with Sheriff Lafferty, a state trooper stationed in Carthage, to exchange ideas.

Because of the alliance he established, the village police received additional man power and the outside departments benefited from the village policemen’s familiarity with the area.

His police buddies joked that they didn’t need a computer to keep records while he was around.

Frank Vincent