Among the starbursts, strobes and other pyrotechnics of an Independence Day fireworks show, a new illumination can increasingly be spotted in the sky – the blinking red light of a drone as it captures spectacular footage from a bird’s eye view.

Fireworks drone videos have become a Fourth of July tradition as commonplace as backyard barbecues and three-legged races.

The Federal Aviation Administration discourages drone-flying near fireworks displays – “Remember that fireworks and drones don’t mix,” the agency tweeted last week – but hasn’t banned the activity outright.

Dean Wagner Jr., 28, sent his drone aloft Monday night to film Bloomingdale’s fireworks at the invitation of the technician running the show.

Navy Pier, which offers fireworks shows throughout the summer, does not allow pilots to operate the aircraft from its property, though a few online drone videos show the pier’s pyrotechnics from a distance.

Disney Enterprises has patented a drone that would discharge fireworks from the air.

One day, some envision, drones might do away with fireworks altogether.