T is a big connection between these worlds all the same: Finn Jones, the actor chosen to star in the title role of Marvel’s upcoming Netflix series Iron Fist – and better known to Thrones viewers as Ser Loras.

T are some interesting commonalities between Loras and Danny Rand, the hero at the heart of Marvel’s new story.

Put simply, if Finn Jones is headlining a Marvel series, are his days as Loras Tyrell numbered?

Even without Iron Fist in the mix, fans would be wise to worry for Loras, given the track record of other main characters put on trial throughout Thrones history; it typically does not work out well, or at least not without a heavy amount of bloodshed.

For any Loras fans seeking comfort in the A Song of Ice and Fire novels on which Thrones is based, t isn’t much to find.

It’s not impossible that the show could kill or badly injure Loras in a non-Baratheon assault, but it doesn’t seem plausible, given Loras’ current incarceration.

What is plausible is Loras does not survive his trial – and if he does, and somehow manages to become a free man, it’s not a stretch to imagine him protecting his fellow imprisoned sibling in a Trial by Combat against political rival Cersei Lannister.

Loras is not exactly a central figure on Thrones, even if he’s a beloved one.

T, the rule of an Iron Fist matters very little when held up against the House’s ominous words: “Valar morghulis.” All men must die, and right now, all fans should prepare for Loras to embrace that High Valyrian saying.

Finn Jones